What’s in a Name?
At first the name was Rebecca McCollum with its variations Becky McCollum/Becki McCollum; and for many years now I’ve been known as Rebecca Warnock (also variously Becky Warnock/Becki Warnock).  My partner in music and all things, pictured with me below, is Paul Warnock.

In some senses, this is a website promoting one family’s name; but at its essence is the desire to find a wider audience for a very specific body of music. The heart and soul, the impetus behind that music is a passion for the glory of God – and a drive to promote the name of Jesus Christ – the one Name in the universe that is worthy of worship.

To begin with, the site will offer children’s choral music designed for the setting of a church or Christian school. This brings together several of our passions, with the hope that others who serve children might find something useful here.

God bless you!

–Becki Warnock